1971 340 Duster

1971 340 plymouth duster


plymouth duster 1971 tail end

1971 340 plymouth duster

Short History: I am the third owner, I purchased the car approx. one year ago from a person I met at a repair shop, I somehow got on the subject of my previous 340 Duster's, as it turned out, this person happened to have a 71 340 sitting in his back yard his wife wanted out and would sell it to me, otherwise, he would probably have to prepare for divorce, so, I felt so terrible about his situation, I decided to help the guy out. This car was sitting idle in his yard for the last 16yrs. or since he took the original tired 340 out and swapped it for a rebuilt 340 from a 68 Formula S Cuda, the car was straight but didn't look like much after sitting all those years. The engine presently has about 6,000 miles on it and runs Smooth & Strong.